Sikable: A Pioneer e-learning and online tutoring platform in Nepal


The importance of Online Education has raised in recent times. The traditional way of learning through the ‘Gurus’ has been replaced by the schools, colleges and the institutions. In global pandemic caused by COVID-19, one cannot limit his/her hunt for knowledge. During this pandemic, the concept of online classes has been popular worldwide through the apps like ZOOM, Microsoft Team, etc. In the context of our country, despite lagging in the digital world, the pandemic has taught a lesson for us. With the world-wide popularity of online-learning platforms like Udemy, Udacity, Lynda, Pluralsight etc. Seeing the opportunity the market has presented in an unprecedented time like now, Sikable, has been launched in Nepal, a marketplace for educators, educational institutions and learners.

So, what exactly is Sikable?

Built in Nepal by Nepalese, Sikable is an open-market platform offering appropriate solution to the new generation of learners and subject experts alike. Most Importantly, breaking the stereotypical voyage of learning through the schools, colleges or the institutions it offers quality courses where learners can enhance their skill at their own time. Moreover, this platform helps professionals, creating courses that can be offered to the public, either with tuition fee or no charge.

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What the founder has to say about Sikable?

As per Blincventures, this is what founder has to say about Sikable. I am Gaurav Singh Basnyat, born and brought up in Kathmandu. As a child I used to visit my grandfather’s orphanage, meet kids there and hear their stories, which has inspired me a lot. And, as I grew up, following my interest I did my undergraduate in computer networking and security and found a job in that area. But I was laid off because of the earthquake. During that course, I started volunteering in Teaching Hospital, which gave me some amazing opportunities. I worked in NGOs traveling across Nepal and abroad, deploying technologies and supporting other people to understand and use technology. 

While travelling, part of me always wanted to do something in Nepal, which was both impactful and sustainable. Initially, I came up to build notes sharing platform, but that did not work. I was a bit discouraged, but then the country went through a lockdown and having spent all of my time home, navigating around social media, I found out that multiple schools were teaching online. I have worked in the digital sector for a long time now, and it didn’t take me long to see an opportunity. A new market was being created and people now in person saw that learning was possible virtually via the internet. But despite all the changes taking place, there was still a gap. The courses were not easily accessible, there was no one stop solution for all the course materials. And seeing that, I dived in and launched Sikable.

Why should you Sign up with Sikable?

In today’s economic climate, having certifications, specific skills, and an impressive resume can be the key to getting a job. Have you ever wanted to learn skills or take courses, but didn’t have the time or money to attend an institution? It would be so convenient if you could use a website to take courses online, learning whenever and wherever it is suitable for you. This is what you get when you sign up with Sikable.  

What Sikable offers to you?

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1. Courses

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They offer the courses all over a wide range of categories, which include entrepreneurship, arts, music, business, fitness and health, academics, technology, etc. Likewise, sikable allows the collaborators (institutions and individuals) to create a calendar and a proper schedule so that students/ learners can find a suitable timing, enroll and pay via Khalti. Sikable is offering free and paid courses depending on the instructor.

With Sikable, the collaborators don not have to worry about building their own e-learning system and receiving payment from students for the courses. They can host their courses in Sikable and focus on providing quality education. 

2. Events

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Likewise, the site also allows anyone to host One-Day Events for webinars, comedy shows, discussions, and others for free or ticketed with options to limit seats.

3. Assignments and Notes:

It provides a platform to share assignments and notes as well.

What does Sikable work?

Sikable operates on the Open-Market Module. It features Live Classes, where Collaborators autonomously create free or paid online courses and conduct sessions through online classes. Teachers, experts, and guides are unanimously referred to as Collaborators. For ease of transaction, it has partnered with Khalti. Because of the increment in hacking and bullying on platforms like Zoom. Sikable has resorted to strict security measures to check such actions. They require compulsory verification of emails and phone numbers of the attendees to create a safer learning environment. So, be a part of the change to create a Nepal where education is for all.

Final Thoughts : How does Sikable Benefits you?

Sikable is recently established e-learning platform. It is beneficial for people who want to gain expertise in one or more technologies. Also, organize an event or use it as a teaching platform. So, be a part of change where education is for all.

You can visit official site here.


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