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We, the Tech Genio team: are here to provide the latest tech news, trends, and reviews. We do not mean to hurt other’s sentiment regarding any issues. We gather tech information to make you up-t0-date to the growing tech world.

Our Policy:

1.Regarding identity Protection: We respect readers’ vulnerability of their identity. When someone subscribes for the newsletter: We send the tech updates to their emails but don’t misuse their identity for our personal benefit. Regarding the comment: we respect the reader’s privacy and follow proper ethics abided by the law.

2.Regarding Reviews: When we give reviews to any products, we give precise information regarding it and don’t mislead the users. Though, there might be some mistakes sometimes: We encourage you to correct us when you find any misleading information. Once you inform we make sure that we correct it soon.

3.Regarding the photos: We take the reference from google. If you have any issues related to the photos, we have posted. We urge you to show your ownership first and respect you integrity and act accordingly.

4.Regarding the contents: We try to deliver thought processes of our own. When we take references from any sites: proper credit will be given to the owner.
Regarding personal opinions: It is of our own. We express what we feel and try to give the user accurate information related to some product or any news. We do not have hatred for any religious beliefs or methods.