Origin OS Unveiled with new Interface, Advanced gestures and more!

Origin OS

After long speculation going around, Vivo has finally unveiled its latest Android skin Origin OS. Origin OS is the successor to the existing Funtouch OS. Funtouch OS has been criticized for a long time. So, Vivo has been working on the new android skin Origin OS for a year now. And now finally we will be seeing its latest Origin OS android skin in the Vivo phones.

Origin OS brings a major design overhaul to Vivo smartphone users. Particularly, Origin OS is focusing on three aspects: Design, Smoothness, and Convenience. The company’s new smartphone OS i.e. Origin OS was unveiled at an event in China, bringing a new interface, a re-imagined widget system, advanced gestures, memory optimizations, and more. Let’s look at top features of the Origin OS.

Origin OS features

Klotski Grid

Origin OS Klotski Grid

This is the new grid system for the home screen Vivo has adapted this OS. It is based on Klotski grid, a Japanese game puzzle. It adds flexibility to the UI, giving a variety of options to choose from. We can choose a variety of icon shapes including 1×1, 1×2, 2×3, etc. Likewise, we get to choose the grid of our choice and customize it according to our usage.

Nano Alerts

Nano Alerts is another feature of Origin OS to look for. The Nano alerts boost the grid design. With Nano alerts, we don’t need to open every app in the background. We just need to do is make a card on the home screen. The Nano alerts give us alerts about the apps we care about. This feature provides alerts about weather, or alarms, and more.

Origin OS Nano Alerts

Likewise, the Nano music player allows us to pick the music of our choice and control playbacks on the home screen. Not only it boost our time but also by clicking on the icon, we can access more features of the apps and work accordingly.

Enhanced Performance

Origin OS brings Multi-Turbo 5.0, which is aimed at improving memory optimizations. Additionally, Memory Fusion adds 3GB of extra RAM by shuffling data to the flash storage. The OS is also said to speed up app start-up times by estimating which app you have to open next and prepare the data. Furthermore, we will have to wait and see.

Navigation Gestures

Origin OS Navigation Gestures

Origin OS introduced Navigation Gesture through which users will customize their own navigation experience. Vivo, now, offers 26 navigation combinations with Origin OS. This means that users will pick 26 sets of combinations for what happens when we swipe left, right, and center. Furthermore, they can even customize edge gestures.

Behavioral Wallpapers

Behavioral wallpapers are another feature of Origin OS to look out for. They are live backgrounds that show subjects such as flowers moving and opening in high detail and in proper time.

Parallel World

Parallel Worlds

Origin OS allows us to jump back and forth between the new grid UI of Origin OS or the previous one that comes with Funtouch OS with a single click. Most importantly, all our data is preserved during the process.

Origin OS Card package

Origin OS Card Package

Origin OS allows a mobile payment option via the Card Package. It integrates cards for quick payments. Also, it adds up to a one-tap payment by scanning our fingerprints. Also, it integrates apps like AliPay, WeChat, and more for further payment options.

These features seem great. We all have to wait and see for further more information. Origin OS has just unveiled at an event in China. The beta version of the skin will roll out soon. Here’s the full breakdown of when the first public beta will roll out and they schedule which devices to take part:

Out of the box
New vivo X series

Before January 31, 2021
vivo NEX 3S, vivo X50 Pro+, vivo X50 Pro, vivo X50, vivo S7, vivo iQOO 5 Pro, vivo iQOO 5, vivo iQOO 3, vivo iQOO Pro, vivo iQOO, vivo iQOO Neo3

Before Chinese New Year (February 12, 2021)
vivo NEX 3/vivo NEX 3 5G, vivo X30 Pro, vivo X30, vivo iQOO Neo, vivo iQOO Neo 855

In Q2 2021
vivo X27 Pro, vivo X27, vivo S6, vivo S5, vivo S1 Pro, vivo S1, vivo Z6, vivo Z5x, vivo Z5i, vivo Z5, vivo iQOO Z1x, vivo iQOO Z1, vivo NEX Dual Display, vivo, NEX S, vivo NEX A

The update schedule is for vivo phones, sold in China that lack Google services. There is still no information about the global rollout schedule, but we normally it’s a month or two after the Chinese release for each specific phone.


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