DJI Mavic mini Flymore combo: specs and price in Nepal


The DJI Mavic Scaled-down is DJI’s first automaton under 249 grams. It’s a reality you’ll see and hear a great deal when anybody discusses this automaton. Also, in some more restricted than individuals acknowledge circumstances, imply something. The Mavic Scaled-down is in reality even less substantial (199g, at the expense of a little battery), it implies you can fly it there inside the miniature classification.

DJI mavic mini

Also, indeed, it’s a noteworthy accomplishment. What DJI has figured out how to pack into that 249g is an automaton that flies 30 minutes and takes 2.7K video. Yet, for most different locales around the world, it’s somewhat of a misguided feeling of importance. For instance, right now it just methods you don’t enlist it–a 1-minute assignment that most of the individuals wouldn’t fret. In 2020 the system around that may change a few, contingent upon government administration.

In any case, while the organization has packed in a great deal to the Mavic Little, they’ve additionally taken out a ton. There’s no deterrent/object shirking, making it the main automaton in about 4 years that DJI has made without the innovation. Likewise, in contrast to a large portion of DJI’s more affordable automatons, it requires a regulator making it somewhat less convenient (or pocketable) than may show up from the start.


For the vast majority, the camera details on the Mavic Mini are more than sufficient. Indeed, it’s not 4K, yet again, the vast majority don’t appear to think about that.

Obviously, DJI says they didn’t put 4K in there in view of cooling worries with the image processing pipeline. Which isn’t believable for a second. All things considered, this is precisely the same imaging gimbal and pipeline equipment utilized in the DJI OSMO Pocket camera, which doesn’t have the benefit of having steady cooling airflow moving around it.

Still, DJI would have considered a ‘Genius’ open option – for instance for extra via programming the ability to open 4K/30 (or even 4K/60) alongside a modest bunch of other camera settings would be invited, and something customer would happily pay.

DJI mavic mini camera

Battery and memory:

DJI says that charging time is 90 mins through micro USB whether or not that is in the airplane or with the charging center point, which energizes to three batteries. Flight time is asserted at 30 minutes.

As an update, the battery makes up 40% of the framework, weighing 99g out of 245g. In the event that you purchase the automaton in Japan, you’ll get a decreased battery that just weighs 49g. Anyway, strikingly, you can buy the bigger 99g “global” battery (otherwise known as “the typical one”), and it’ll work fine and dandy. It’ll essentially simply take you over that Japanese 199g cutoff.

On the micro SD card side, it allows cards up to 256GB. Note that inside the automaton doesn’t have auxiliary interior stockpiling as some DJI drones do. Be that as it may, in the event that you overlook a card it’ll transfer photographs and recordings in 720p back to your telephone.

Shot taken from mavic mini:
Shot from mavic mini


Take off weight249g
DimensionFolded: 140*82*57mm(l*w*h)
Unfolded: 160*202*55mm
Unfolded (with propellers):245*290*55mm
Diagonal Distance213mm
Max Speed (near sea level, no wind)13m/s(S mode)
8m/s (P mode)
4m/s (C mode)
Maximun Take off Altitude3000m
Max flight time30 minutes
Max wind speed resistance8 m/s
Operating temperature range0 to 40 degree


Stablization3-axis (tilt, roll, pan)
Max control speed120 degree per second


SensorEffective pixels: 12 MP
Lens35mm format equivalent: 24mm
Shooting Range
ISO rangeVideo:
Shutter SpeedElectronic shutter: 4-1/8000s
Still Image Size4:3 4000/3000
16:9 4000/2250
Still Photography Modessingle shot
Interval: 2/3/1/5/10/15/20/30/60s
Video Resolution2.7K: 2720*1530 25/30p
Max video bitrate40 Mbps
Supported File SystemFAT32 (<=32GB)
exFAT (>32GB)
Photo FormatJPEG

Remote Controller & Video Transmission

Operating Temp range0 degree to 40 degree celcius
Battery Capacity2600 mAh
Operating Current/voltage1200 mA3.6. V(android)
450 mA 3.6 V (ios)
Supported mobile device sizeMax length: 160 mm
Max thickness: 6.5-8.5 mm
USB port typesLighting, micro USB
Video Transmission systemEnhanced Wi-Fi
Live view quality720p/30fps
Max. Bitrate4 Mbps


Input100-240 V, 50/60 Hz, 0.5A
Output12V 1.5A / 9V 2A / 5V 3A
Rated Power18 W
DJI mini flymore combo

Price in Nepal for Flymore Combo: Rs 72,000


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