Digital Nepal: A trend of Digital Dakshina in Nepal


Digital payment has demonstrated itself to be the best option for the conventional strategy for Payment, for example by means of money and check. It, additionally, has made it simpler for the people and organizations to clear their transactions easily, sitting in one corner of the room/office with Few methods.

As digital platforms are attracting lots of different areas, from vegetable, fruits, and other transient item sectors to automobiles and gadgets, people are entering the digital platform with digital showroom and digital sales. And now digital wallets encourage people to pay with Digital cash in the Festival Celebrations with Digital Dakshina in Nepal.

Due to the risk of virus and spread of COVID, as of now, a few people favour online transactions be it the acquisition of merchandise or Payments of products and ventures or receipt of salary and pay rates. This has prompted significantly increment in the utilization of e-wallets, for example, E-sewa, Khalti, and so on, mobile banking, e-banking for payment.

Digital Payment in Nepal

Digital Daskshina from e-sewa

Digital Dakshina

New Clothes, delicous foods, conventional pujas and appreciating time with family having different games are largely critical impact of Dashain. The 10th day of Dashain is commended by putting on tika and getting Blessing from our older folks alongside Dakshina.

Since everything is going to be digital sooner or later. Digital Dakshina and Dashain Dakshina and now it has been a modern trend in Nepal. Perhaps, COVID 19 pandemic makes it happen, and it is good for us.

With a target to encourage digital payment transactions and to help Digital Cash festivity during this Dashain celebration. Due to the pandemic, Digital Dakshina becomes a modern trend to encourage Digital Payment in Nepal. Even eSewa, IME Pay, NCHL and even later NIC ASIA bank also started and so on. Obviously, most of them are Digital wallet companies so they definitely will have an advantage too and a good overcome at the situation. So, it has become a trend and it feels so good to see, Nepal is growing fast in the case of the Digital system.

Digital Dakshina: NIC ASIA bank

At this COVID situation, it will be alternative to go for a digital system. While the popular Digital Wallet Companies in Nepal has Started alternatives solution for the payment system. So, Digital Dakshina might be good instead of giving notes at this situation. It could be using digital wallets like eSewa, IME Pay, HostingSewa, NCHL and NIC ASIA bank too.

Utilizing Digital wallets not just spares the life of notes, and spares huge expense monetarily. It likewise gives extra advantages to sharing Dakshina with those who are living abroad.

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