Top 6 features of Andriod OS (11) Update

Android 11 update latest

Finally, after long speculation and rumors, Google has launched an update for android OS: Android 11 yesterday. The update includes several changes like new controls for media and devices. It has improved privacy permissions, and a focus on effective communication.


Note: The Android OS 11 update is only available on Google phones and OnePlus, Xiaomi, oppo, and Realme

You will see Android 11 updates on Google Pixel phones like Google Pixel 4a,4, 4XL 4xl,2,2XL,3,3XL,3a,3a XL. And also on OnePlus, Xiaomi, OPPO, and Realme phones. Although, the beta version of it was already released on 4XL. There are some standout features on it. Let’s dive into the cool features you will find in the Android 11 update.

1. Improve User communication

The Android 11 update focuses on the proper communication between the user. Keeping our conversation separate from other notifications, the recent Android 11 gives priority over the top of your notification shade. Rather, they get their own section. Now you can set conversations to a foremost priority which allows notification to come through even if we have muted our conversations.

Most importantly, this feature allows important conversations from being hidden under the notifications we all receive every day.

2. Permission Control:

Android has always been forward in case of giving permissions to certain apps. Even if the app is not tasked to perform a certain action, it prompts us to give permission in the earlier versions of the android.

However, Google’s Android 11 update has solved the issue by giving permissions to only certain applications onetime instead of permanently. This will be especially useful for software that you might only use once or twice. Like as the configuration tool that each new piece of smart home gadgetry invariably requires you to download to complete the initial setup.


Likewise, the application for permission will not remain forever. It will now expire if you have not used the application for a long time. Also, when we open the app next time it will prompt us to give permission to certain tasks as we have just recently installed, which is great.

This feature allows us to be more secure, reducing the attack surface of our devices. It ensures the most commonly used apps, i.e. the most trusted apps will have active permission to the action it is supposed to take.

3.Built-in Screen Recording

Another cool feature of the android 11 update is the ability to record a screen that is built-in it. iOS already offers this, while Samsung, LG, and OnePlus have this in their Android phones now. We need not download any third-party apps that are laggy for the screen recording anymore. Starting today, you can record content on your device. It includes audio from your mic, device, or both — without having to install a separate app.

image Source: Hackaday

So you may think about how can we enable this feature. You can enable this feature by adding it to the quick setting menu of your notification shade.

Messaging Bubbles:

Another prominent expansion to Android 11 is informing bubbles. This permits applications like Android Messages, Telegram, and Facebook Messenger to show a (hypothetically) persevering skimming circle on your screen. so you can rapidly answer to your companions without exchanging applications.

Source:Google Message Bubble on Messenger

On the off chance that it sounds natural, that is because it’s Facebook Messenger’s skimming heads that have been around for quite a long time on Android. The new OS offers two more highlights, however, similar to the capacity to open an air pocket from a warning and see your ongoing discussions from various applications.

5. Quick Access to media devices:

Switching audio devices is a bit of a pain on Android, especially now that Bluetooth headphones are increasingly the norm. Sometimes I listen through my phone’s speakers, sometimes I use headphones, others my fancy speakers or TV. Android 11 lets you quickly select your audio output from the notifications shade.

source:Google Quick access to media

Android 11 additionally gives more broad media controls to communicate with your music in the warnings to conceal. For instance, you could now continue a music meeting directly from the side menu–no interesting reason to open Spotify again after you’ve shut it. Google says you’ll have the option to switch between applications in the request they were last played, which is convenient for somebody like me who continually switches among music and book recordings.

6. Quick Access to Smart Devices:

When we have multiple smart devices in our home, it is difficult for us to manage them all. In this scenario, Google Assistant also can’t help us. This Android OS 11 update has a solution to it. We can access controls for all your smart gadgets right from the power button menu.

Andriod 11 Update features

To access it we should long-press on the power button and you’ll see controls for all the smart lights, locks, thermostats, and whatever else you may have in your home.

The actual question surrounding any major Android update is how long it will take to reach the devices from companies like Samsung.However. It seems we should wait long for updates on these phones.

Well, you might be tempted to install Android 11 right now. However, before you tap to download, make sure you prepare yourself, and your device for the move up from Android 10.

Just wait and watch


As the update is recent, we never know what sort of problem lies inside it. Variety of problems including connectivity issues, abnormal battery drain, touchscreen issues, UI lag, sound issues, and we might see more. If you act proactively, just wait and see. If there lie any issues, you may be safe from the encounter.



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